Our experience has taught us that performance optimization occurs when the right plan is executed with the right people following proven methodologies. Charis Healthcare has developed a disciplined approach to guiding organizations through decision-making, strategic planning and implementation processes to meet organizational objectives and marketplace opportunities. Our methodologies are designed to take our clients from the current state – HERE – to the desired outcome – THERE. We base our approach on several critical success factors and principles, including:

Executive Sponsorship
"End-in-Mind" Focus
Collaborative Teamwork

Speed to Solution
Evidence-Based Methodologies
Outcomes Measurement

Any strategic planning or organizational change initiative requires sponsorship by the appropriate senior executives within the organization. Our approach includes a focused effort to create and maintain the support of sponsors who possess the power and authority to implement change.

Without appropriate sponsorship, strategies can not be effectively implemented, and organizational effectiveness is limited. However, if executive sponsors share a sense of urgency and are effectively organized, the sponsorship team can facilitate an organization in moving quickly and decisively from a current state to a clearly defined future state.

We encourage our clients to “start with the end in mind,” and we have developed a passion and a process for guiding our clients to clear definition of a compelling organizational vision. Once an organization knows where it wants to go – its end-in-mind vision – it can define and implement the strategies necessary to get there.

Vision refers to a picture of the future and explains to individuals why they should strive to create that future. A good vision should accomplish three things: (1) give direction on where the organization wants to go, (2) motivate people to achieve that future state and (3) coordinate the actions of the people in a fast and efficient way.

Creativity provides the energy and momentum to unlock breakthrough thinking. We provide our clients with creative thinking and innovative ideas to solve complex business challenges and to accelerate implementation of strategic initiatives. In the spirit of breakthrough thinking, we challenge the status quo and push our project teams to arrive at the best possible solution for our clients.

Teamwork is a key tenet of the Charis approach to solving business problems. We firmly believe that selecting and empowering the right team is critical to the success of our client engagements. We assign teams that include the best possible resources to work with a client through their unique business challenges. We equip our teams with proven methodologies, standardized tools, reliable benchmark data, and strategic deliverable templates to ensure reliable outcomes.

In the rapidly changing environment of healthcare today, it is becoming increasingly important to accelerate the planning and implementation of solutions. Our clients need to move fast to serve their patient population, secure the loyalty of their physician base, expand their market reach, and beat their competition. Our approach ensures that we move fast only after the right solution is defined and adopted by the leadership team. Our commitment to disciplined acceleration allows the best possible solution to be implemented in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our approach to solving complex business challenges is based on proven, fact-based, time-tested methodologies that are validated by our own results as well as findings documented in leading business publications. Our approach is built around the evidence-based principles outlined in:

Leading Change, by John P. Kotter.
Built to Last, by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras.
Good to Great, by James C. Collins.
Managing at the Speed of Change, by Darryl R. Conner.
Raving Fans, by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey.
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni.
Building Breakthrough Businesses within Established Organizations
Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence, as defined by the Baldrige National Quality Program.

In addition, we utilize statistical research and benchmark data from leading healthcare research and publishing organizations to validate our field research. Our disciplined approach and evidence-based principles ensure the highest level of confidence in our solutions and recommendations.

The desired outcome of any engagement is a "win-win-win" solution for all stakeholders, based on the original defined vision. Our commitment to gaining executive sponsorship and clearly defining the end-in-mind ensures that desired project outcomes are understood by all stakeholders. Throughout the project, actual results are measured against desired outcomes to ensure that expectations are being met and any necessary corrections are being implemented.

Creating a team environment where individuals are encouraged to have fun results in improved outcomes. Fun breaks down barriers, stimulates creativity, improves problem-solving, and encourages positive communication. We foster an atmosphere of recognition, celebration, encouragement, contribution and accomplishment all in an effort to produce outstanding results.

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