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Process Improvement

Significant gains in efficiency, productivity, satisfaction, and profitability can be achieved with rigorous analysis and improvement of operational processes. We help our clients achieve process improvements by utilizing proven tools and methodologies, including:

Process Maps that document the current flow of patients, staff, and information functions through key processes
Interview Findings that summarize perceptions and opportunities for improvement as identified by staff and physicians
Gap Analyses that identify the difference between current performance, industry standards and Charis benchmarks
Management Plans and Organizational Structures that outline management requirements, span-of-control and reporting recommendations
Findings and Recommendations that are summarized and clearly communicated to sponsors and stakeholders
Improvement Action Plans that provide an organization with a road map for implementation of sustained improvements
Expert Improvement Sessions (EIS) that facilitate the design and implementation of improvement strategies
Six Sigma Design-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) methodologies that monitor improvements and drive continuous improvements.
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