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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services guide clients through a disciplined process to define and implement critical strategies for continued success. The Charis strategic planning methodology includes four critical elements to ensure that an effective plan is successfully adopted:

Win-Win Criteria.
Urgency and Consensus.

Sponsorship. The first step in the Charis strategic planning process is to create sponsorship across the appropriate levels of leadership within the organization. Absent appropriate sponsorship, defined strategies will not be effectively implemented, and organizational effectiveness will be limited. Sponsors are individuals who possess the power and authority to implement change. If the executive sponsors share a sense of urgency and are effectively organized as a Guiding Coalition, the sponsorship team can push the organization to move quickly and decisively through the strategic planning process.

Win-Win Criteria. With executive sponsorship in place, the strategic planning team can define and document what “winning” means to involved stakeholders. Stakeholders typically include Board / Directors, Administration, Department Management, Physicians, Patients, Investors / Partners, and Communities. Clearly articulating and documenting the strategic, political, economic and organizational objectives of each stakeholder ensures that the strategic plan can be accepted by those who carry out the plan.

Assessment. With sponsorship firmly established and win-win criteria clearly defined, the opportunity or threat facing the organization can be thoroughly evaluated. Hospitals and other healthcare providers face fundamental shifts in key business drivers that may be perceived as risks or as opportunities. A rigorous assessment of these dynamics creates a starting point for the strategic planning process. The Charis team provides expertise and tools to understand the opportunities and threats associated with the key industry drivers and their influence in the defined market. Critical components of our assessment include:

Environmental Assessment
Market Research and Analysis
Operations Analysis
Technology and Capital Allocation Review
Sales and Marketing Review
Physician Alignment Assessment

Urgency and Consensus. With a clear assessment of market dynamics, identification of opportunities and threats, a leadership team can begin to build urgency and consensus around critical strategies. Urgency is established when an organization perceives a significant enough opportunity or a serious enough threat to cause immediate action. Our approach includes establishing urgency to quantify the financial upside of an opportunity and/or the economic risk of the threat. Alternatively, mission-based urgency can be created by demonstrating opportunities and threats that promote or endanger the mission. Clearly understood financial analyses and/or mission-based actions create an appropriate level of urgency for each strategy under consideration. Once urgency is established within the Sponsorship Team, that team can be empowered to develop consensus across the organization.
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