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We facilitate clients through an accelerated process to answer this critical VISION question: "If we were successful beyond our wildest imagination, what would that look like?". A clear definition of the ultimate future state allows an organization to establish consensus, identify barriers, define strategic and tactical plans, and begin removing barriers to reach its "end-in-mind" vision.

We utilize a variety of proven methodologies to expedite the visioning process, including:

Sponsorship Empowerment and Role Definition
Individual ("Take-a-Panels"); Small Group ("Walk-Abouts” and “Case Studies"); and Large Group ("Report-Outs" and "Fishbowls") Brainstorming Sessions
Stakeholder Interviews
Scoring and Prioritization Techniques
Great Performance Questions
Barrier Identification and Removal Strategies
Gap Analysis.

Our VISIONING process is designed to accelerate the solution to a complex business problem or expedite the capture of a growth opportunity. Clients often decide to assemble their decision-making team, key stakeholders, and external thought leaders in an intensive 2-day process called an ENVISION-DESIGN-BUILD (EDB) session. The Charis EDB allows a client leadership team to quickly and effectively Envision the future state vision; Design the strategies necessary to achieve the vision; and Build the tactical plans to implement the strategies.
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